Adrian speaking to a private group about the origins of The King Who Had To Go

Adrian is a very experienced public speaker who has addressed audiences of all sizes in the UK, USA, France and Germany. He knows that the printed word can only tell a small part of the story and he relishes the opportunity to share his passion for the history of the inner wokings of government with live audiences through talks and open discussions. He can tailor his talks to suit the interests of any audience.

As well as the abdication and appeasement Adrian covers a wide range range of topics from that period; look at his blog to give you a flavour. He also looks at the hidden workings of the top level of government since the turn of the century and the modern British monarchy. He is happy giving talks in French and German as well.

On May 28th he is giving a talk entitled "The Minister and The Crown" for Cantigny Park in Illinois which is open to the public both in person and virtually.

He recently made a welcome return to giving talks in person with "Appeasement - More Than Just Munich" to a private group. Other recent talks include (via Zoom) "Three Deafeningly Silent Voices from the Abdication Crisis" to the Barbers' Historical Society and  "Power Is Where You Find It" to the City of Westminster Guide Lecturers Association which situated the relationship between Downing Street and the top level of the Civil Service in both its historical and locational context. He is especially proud of having given the first ever history talk at the Café Littéraire Le Bovary in Luxembourg. Another noteworthy event was a talk on the intelligence dimension of the abdication crisis to a very informed audience at the Bletchley Park museum.

Ask Adrian about speaking to your group.