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Adrian's new book The First Royal Media War: Edward VIII, the Abdication and the Press will soon be published globally by Pen & Sword History. It looks at the savage media war that was fought during the abdication crisis of 1936 and through its bitter aftermath. The crisis destroyed forever the wall of deferential press silence that had protected British royalty for a century and left as its legacy today's no-holds barred media environment in which royal family issues are fought out in a ruthless glare of global attention.

Edward VIII was the first celebrity monarch but neither his personal popularity nor the support of powerful newspaper tycoons was enough to save him when he clashed with a socially conservative government which refused to accept that he could marry a twice-divorced American. For the rest of his life he tried to persuade the world that he had been badly treated and forced off the throne by a coalition of establishment reactionaries.


Adrian is fascinated by the usually hidden, often flawed  and sometimes discreditable processes by which governments take important decisions. He focuses on the networks of individuals and institutions which are the true deciders of events. He comments regularly on these themes to public and private audiences and the broadcast media. His popular  "Eighty Years Ago" blog is tracing the events of 1943 week-by-week as they would have appeared to a shrewd member of the British public with an eye for what was going on in home politics as well as the war. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society


"A great read, dripping with intrigue, throwing new light onto a fascinating period" - Andrew Stedman, author of Alternatives to Appeasement about The First Royal Media War

"This impressive book provides a detailed exposition of the case against appeasement. Written with clarity and verve, it draws on a vast range of unpublished material..." Lord Lexden OBE, Official Historian of the Conservative Party in The House about Fighting Churchill, Appeasing Hitler.

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