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Adrian was interviewed for Carolyn Quinn's BBC TV documentary marking the 80th anniversary of the abdication crisis along with Philip Ziegler, Edward VIII's official biographer


Rachel Burden interviews Adrian about Mrs Simpson, her part in the abdication crisis and her life as Duchess of Windsor


Dave Hodgson interviews Adrian about The King Who Had To Go for Talk Radio Europe


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Interviews with Adrian featured in all three episodes of Channel4’s high profile documentary series The Queen’s Lost Family. He commented on Edward’s naturalness as a media performer, the despair he inspired in the Royal household, his controversial comments on poverty during a tour of the coal fields, his willingness to break constitutional norms in his desire for friendship with Nazi Germany and how Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin outmanoeuvred him during the abdication crisis. Adrian delivered a wrap-up comment for the series, comparing Elizabeth II to George V and how her departure will leave the monarchy facing a challenge comparable to that of 1936. The series will soon screen on the Smithsonian Channel in the USA. Interview footage courtesy of Renegade Pictures/Channel4.

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