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Fighting Churchill, Appeasing Hitler reviewed by David Keymer in the Library Journal


    "This fascinating study is a model of historical sleuthing. Vigorously researched , it should appeal widely to history buffs"


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Fighting Churchill, Appeasing Hitler reviewed in Publishers' Weekly


   "Chamberlain apologists are likely to rethink their stance in the light of the evidence presented here......This somber, exhautive account will persuade WWII history buffs that, in trying to prevent war, Chamberlain and Wilson made it almost inevitable."


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Fighting Churchill, Appeasing Hitler reviewed by Jonathan Bouquet in The Guardian


   "I'm grateful to Adrian Phillips, who has written a fascinating book..."


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King Who Had To Go Reviewed by John Campbell, author of major biographies of F.E.Smith, Aneurin Bevan, Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher, and most recently Roy Jenkins, in Finest Hour, the journal of the International Churchill Society.


    So much has already been written about the abdication of King Edward VIII in 1936 that one wonders what more there can be to say. But Adrian Phillips has found a new angle by focussing on the role of the senior Whitehall mandarins.......he has also drawn on an impressive range of other contemporary accounts and diaries, many unpublished and some quite obscure, to produce an almost hour-by-hour examination of the scheming and calculations of a wide range of players with different agendas that led to the eventual result…..Adrian Phillips has written an excellent book, which sheds fresh light on events with which many will think they are already familiar.


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Reviewed by Piers Brendon author of The Dark Valley:A Panorama of the 1930s and Edward VIII: The Uncrowned King


    The Uncrowned King : Adrian Phillips has pulled off a remarkable coup.  By sedulous research he has been able to shed fresh light on the intricate political manoeuvres surrounding one of most studied episodes in our history – the 1936 abdication crisis.  The King Who Had To Go is an elegant and compelling book.



Reviewed by Richard Toye, Professor of Modern History, University of Exeter and author of Churchill's Empire


    The King Who Had to Go provides a dramatic and persuasive account of an important episode in British constitutional history. Based on an impressive range of sources, and written with flair, it makes a compelling case for Edward VIII’s inadequacy as a monarch.



Reviewed by Giles MacDonogh, author of 1938: Hitler's Gamble


    .....admirable and exhaustive account of the crisis.......



Reviewed on Get History website


A very well researched and detailed account of the Abdication crisis




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