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Adrian Phillips took an undergraduate degree in French and German, which underpinned a successful career as an investment analyst in London and Frankfurt. For a number of years he was voted in the top three commentators on investment in Germany. Studying the twists and turns of European governments and how they influenced stock markets gave him a deep insight into the day-to-day operation of politics. Eventually he allowed his real passion for history to take him back to university and a postgraduate degree in twentieth century British history.


His historical research focused first on the inner workings of the policy machinery at 10 Downing Street in the 1930s. Seeing how it worked during the abdication crisis alerted him to just how rich a story there was still to tell.


He is a great believer in getting to know the locations where the action took place and has travelled throughout the UK and France to visit the key sites in the crisis. His knowledge of German proved vital in researching untranslated documents about Edward VIII’s relations with the Nazis.


He divides his time between Kent and the Anjou region of France.  When he’s not researching or writing, grandchildren keep him busy in the former, and exploring vineyards in the second.



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